Message from the President:


The Illinois Association of County Auditors is a professional statewide organization of Illinois County Auditors, their respective staff members, and other parties interested in the role and function of County Auditors in the State of Illinois. As the President of this organization, I strive to promote the goals of the Association, which are: 1) to provide an organization through which the membership may discuss the common problems and concerns of County Auditors; 2) to provide a means by which the membership may jointly co-co-operate with other organization and individuals to improve accounting, auditing, and financial reporting Illinois Counties; 3) to provide a means by which the membership may cooperatively work with the legislature to promote laws for the improvement of accounting, auditing and financial reporting, and lastly; 4) to provide continuing education for all members in accordance with the Illinois Complied Statutes in order to maintain professional accounting practices.